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Take Advantage of Social Media To Book More Clients FOR FREE!

For some people social media is something you fall into, mindlessly scrolling, occasionally stopping to check out a funny post or to catch up with what friends and family are up to.

But as therapists we can use peoples mindless scroll to our advantage!

Imagine this, one of your clients Bob (we'll use this name for examples sake) has just had THE MOST amazing experience with you and he has a conversation with friends telling them how great you are and what a difference the treatment with YOU has made for them.

A few weeks later one of these friends Joan has realised that she has similar symptoms to Bob so asks to send her a link to your social media page.

Yay you just got a new like on your social media page and that's great........


Joan hasn't called or messaged, she got distracted or thought

"they aren't open at the moment so I'll call later"


"I've clicked through to the website but it's not loading I'll take a look later"

The problem is most of the time LATER never comes, Joan forgets to contact you and carries on putting up with her symptoms, meaning to get in touch at some point but she's so busy with her children, her job and planning the family holiday.

This really doesn't have to be the case, by just changing a couple of things on your social media you can make sure that she finds it easy to book that appointment with you.

Firstly look in to online booking apps, they don't have to cost a fortune and most of them have a basic FREE option. The great thing about the booking app is that your social media button on both Facebook and Instagram can be easily switched for a Book Now button, Facebook even has its own appointments system so check it out.

Now when Joan clicks through to your social media page it doesn't matter what time it is or where she is she can hit the book now button and within moments have an appointment booked at a time and date which suits her even if this is at 2:00am (yes I regularly have clients booking themselves appointments in the early hours of the morning).

So not only have you gained a new client you have saved yourself time by allowing Joan to book herself in.

Not into the idea of a booking system and prefer good old pen and paper?

Or you want to full proof your social media?

Make sure that people know how to contact you as some people want to talk to a person before making the decision to book an appointment. You can do this in several ways and I recommend doing all of them so that you know you are hitting the nail on the head.

- Make sure your contact information on your page is correct, this is the quickest way for people to contact you and if the information is wrong it is unlikely that your potential client who is checking you out will go to the effort of having to trawl your website or google to get the correct details.

- Have a call to action at the end of every post you put on social media to encourage people to slide into your direct messages and hit you up for information.

DO NOT take this as an invitation to just write posts telling people what treatment/s you do and that they should book with you as people don't buy stuff they buy people, time and money but that is a post for another time.

If you already do everything I've suggested let me know how you implement your call to action without being salesy (and yes i know I just made that word up ;o)

If you've found this helpful let me know, give me a shout on social media, ping me an email or join the mailing list to make sure you don't miss out on future posts.

Have a fabulous day and don't be a stranger, I'd love to know what wins you've achieved implementing this.

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