22nd October & 26th November 2022

January & February 2023

This two day LIVE in person training will get you confident with giving not only an excellent Deep Tissue Massage with all of the tools but will also ensure that you know how to look after your own body and not put it under unnecessary pressure.
Taught by an experienced, award winning massage therapist this is a course not to be missed.
You will learn, be assessed and gain a Federation of Holistic Therapists insurable qualification in Deep Tissue Massage 

25th January 2022 - Day 1 will consist of
- learning the techniques to be able to give an excellent Deep Tissue Massage
- take a deep dive into the nueromuscular system 
- discuss why Deep tissue Massage is beneficial for a whole range of symptoms of musculoskeletal conditions
- Know when NOT to treat
-have the knowledge to look after your own body with correct couch height & posture

2nd February 2022 - Day 2 (a month later)will consist of

- Submitting your self reflection from your practice during the month & discuss what went well, what could be improved & how
- Advanced Deep tissue Massage Techniques 
- A 1 hour practical assessment

This course is supported with continued access to the micro trainings for each of the techniques.

Can't quite remember how to use reinforced fingers? just check out that training

Unsure of where to use your elbows? Look up and rewatch the training and it will alll come flooding back to you.

This CPD course is for any massage therapist who holds a Level 3 Diploma in massage or higher

Deep Tissue Massage 2 Day CPD In Person Training