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College/Course Contract, Terms & Conditions

College conditions

All students should treat each other with care and respect, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory or threatening behaviour will be dealt with by staff and if it cannot be resolved the offending party will be asked to leave the course under this circumstance no refund will be available. Students are expected to respect college property and equipment, anyone found to cause damage to property through negligence or intent will be liable to costs. Prior to your examination you are required to have an emergency first aid at work certificate, if you do not already have this there will be an opportunity to sit this with us for £65. This isn't included in the course fees as some people already hold this certificate and it would be unfair to charge you for it if you already have it but proof of qualification will need to be seen when registering for the course.

Further course information

The ITEC courses and FHT accredited CPD courses run at Core therapies College are professional qualifications and as such require a high attendance rate. All courses have face to face tuition and case studies/course work/home study, to complete your course competently and be the best therapist you can be you must complete all aspects. All case studies and coursework must be completed prior to the examination, ITEC regulations state that you cannot be entered for the examination otherwise. Students will be allowed to miss a maximum of two days course tuition time, if you are unable to attend you can request a catch up session at £40 per hour. We will do everything we can to ensure that you have all of the information and experience you require to qualify however the home study and case studies must be completed to ensure you pass the qualifications.

If you are unable to complete the course due to illness or any other circumstance you may be eligible to transfer onto the next available course on the production of a doctors certificate, this is at the discretion of the college and a supplementary fee may be applicable. Please note if you choose to defer your place and the course is no longer taught at the college you will not be eligible for any refund. The college holds no responsibility for financial losses. If you decide not to sit the exam/s, you will receive a certificate of attendance, this will not qualify you for professional practice and there is no reduction on course fees if you do not wish to sit the exam/s.


Examinations cannot be sat until all coursework/case studies have been completed and handed in no exceptions. All examinations are organised with the ITEC board and the ITEC examination regulations and procedures made clear to all students. All fees include exam fees, Should you need to reschedule your exam for whatever reason (should you fail your exam or are unable to attend) you will be able to attend a later examination date that is already booked with or scheduled to be booked with ITEC. Please not we run several examinations a year and you will be required to pay a supplementary examination fee. 

Further Fee Information

Payment plans are available upon request. Early bird prices are subject to terms & conditions;  the registration fee must be received by the date stated on the course page,  the full fee must be received prior to the start of the course. All fees include exam fees, should you need to reschedule your exam for whatever reason you will be required to pay a further exam fee of £100. All registration fees are non refundable. No refund shall be given for course fees after 6 weeks prior to the course starting. All fees should be paid for by the dates stipulated by the college on its website or given in writing.

Appeals & Complaints

Should you wish to make an appeal or complaint please speak to you course tutor initially and if still unsatisfied please either write to us or send an email and this will be responded to as soon as possible within office hours. If you feel that we have been unable to deal with your appeal or complaint please contact ITEC directly through the student page at  

Equal Opportunities

Core Therapies College is an equal opportunities adult education provider and employer. To ensure a fantastic learning experience is had by all (students and teachers alike) we endeavour to ensure there are no levels of discrimination or harassment and promote, equal opportunities, fairness of treatment and dignity. All decisions are based on merit and not discrimination where all involved can make the best use of and enhance their skills.


By Booking any course with Core Therapies College you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and are entering in a contract with Core Therapies College.

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